New member with suspected Addison's and T1D..Advice?

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New member with suspected Addison's and T1D..Advice?

Postby wildsurf » Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:58 pm

So glad I found this forum! I'm female and am only 18. My health is pretty rubbish though. I'm hoping you guys who are experts can give your verdict on my health, it will be greatly appreciated :) I have had T1 since I was 15, so a late developer? My nan had Addison's, her mum had Hyperthyroid and my dad had lichen sclerosus. I'm the worst off though by the looks of things :( My sister and 2 half brothers are fine which makes me feel cursed. Never know what they may get later on though. Nothing on my mum's side. I got pregnant in December, miscarried, it was totally unplanned. My health has been hell since then. It was like everything kicked off. I got really weak, lost loads of weight, and felt sick alll the time. Blood tests were all normal except i had high albumin. Thinking back, I started getting really bad postural hypotension then as well. I also started losing my head hair and developed joint pains and a "malar rash". I think I may also have mild lupus, although tests rheumy ran for that are clear.

This isn't even a worry though compared to Addison's.. and i'm starting to think I am getting it like my nan. My symptoms are as follows: Periods are 2 weeks late and sometimes absent, hormones seem very unstable, lots of acne and some extra body hair at times! My blood sugars are suddenly low whenever I inject. My sugars are always easy to control (I have had a super long honeymoon), but now I'm getting away with no insulin at all! I have had visual snow and tinnitus ever since i was dx with diabetes (random but i thought may be relevant). I feel very lightheaded at times although the post.hypertension has decreased a lot. Heart palpitations. Feel boiling often, with heavy sweating, Other times I will feel cold. I seem to shake and am super sensitive to heat and cold now. I have lost weight for no apparent reason. I have FRECKLES but NOT pigmentation like a tan or in creases. For example, 2 black freckles have appeared out of no-where in odd places... I am super tired... and seem to be urinating loads? These symptoms I feel strongly suggest Addison's. But, these are my against points:

acne and body hair increase suggests more testosterone which i thought decreases with Adds?
I have lost weight but put a little back on again, although not back to how I was
I am not craving salt
I have not got pigmentation such as tan or in creases YET but I have freckles
My nan developed Adds in her late 60's
Adds is not common in people my age.
I did not develop T1 very early, like I hear a lot of people do with both Adds and T1

However, I still think there is a strong chance I have it. Last thing, I am seeing a rheumy and she suggested Adds test out of the blue. I had a morning Cortisol that was "normal" but I do not know the value yet. It could have been very low normal. I also did not have the freckles then.. This was a little over a month ago.

Sorry for the rambling post, but I really want opinions from people going through the same thing. Does this sound like Adds? What tests should I ask my rheumy to do?
Could it poss be hyperthyroid? Can I still have children with both conditions? Anything else?

Thanks so much for reading and answering, it means a lot!
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