Sheehan's Syndrome with profound Growth Hormone Deficiency

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Sheehan's Syndrome with profound Growth Hormone Deficiency

Postby rami » Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:20 am

Can it be possible after all these years I finally might be nearer to gaining a modicum of normality in my life? I'm 63 years old yet some daysI feel like I might be nearer 45, but most of the time I feel as if I'm 80!!
My diagnosis of Sheehan's syndrome after almost 30 years of various health related nightmares came as quite a pleasant surprise. To finally have a diagnosis, and to know it was not all in my head was liberating. How short lived those feelings were. The Complexity of Sheehan's Syndrome, and the manner in which I have been forced to become my own health advocate Is remarkably frustrating. The only experts I have found are the people who are struggling with Sheehan's syndrome themselves. Endocrinologists however well-meaning may only see one person during the whole of their professional life with this syndrome, therefore their knowledge base is very limited. It was my GP who discovered that I had the syndrome, and being an anomaly may be interesting from a medical point of view, but if you are trying to live as normal life as possible with this syndrome it is incredibly isolating. So now like most of you I am on a range of medications from steroids, to thyroxine as well Human Growth Hormone, (in the last ten months) alongside vitamin D with calcium to treat my osteoporosis. I have gone from being a normal weight to being a clinically obese In the space of a few months, and struggle to manage the side-effects of the steroids. I'm told I am lucky to be alive, but anyone who has lived with this condition long-term might dispute that, my standard answer is to smile condescendingly, and to quote 'God doesn't want me as a moon beam just yet'. Marguerite August 2013
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