New here, need advice: should I seek help about this?

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New here, need advice: should I seek help about this?

Postby FinnMom » Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:52 pm

I'm new here, found this forum while looking for answers.

I have had Type 1 Diabetes since Oct 1989 (I was 21 months old when I went into diabetic coma), and not long after that stopped growing and was diagnosed with Hashimotos (started growing normally after that).

I am currently using a pump, have an 18 month old daughter, and am on 200 mcg synthroid.

Anyway, I'm not sure when my current problems started, but I think it began progressing faster during my pregnancy. I developed morning sickness and was put on Diclectin right away, and didn't have too many issues with throwing up. I continued to have nausea throughout my pregnancy, but was able to cope with it, and went off the Diclectin just before the 3rd trimester (still was nauseated after though). However, I began having issues with low blood pressure, and craved salty things, and by the start of my 3rd trimester was getting so dizzy that I was nearly passing out on a regular basis.

On Oct 31st (I was due on Jan 12) when I told this to my endo, she checked my blood pressure going from sitting to standing and I collapsed on her. She sent me up to labour and delivery, and hooked me up to a bunch of different monitors to check on me and my baby, and I also had an AM Cortisol done (I was very stressed during this). Apparently the level was normal (I don't know what it was sadly), and I was put on sick leave, with Addison's ruled out. They checked my heart function and several other things, and decided that the weight of my baby was just too much for me (I didn't get very big though... baby belly, but nothing crazy).

On Boxing Day I had my baby by c-section (I felt it was the best route), and my baby was born 7 lbs 8 ozs. A month later my nausea returned full force, and I was afraid that I was pregnant again (something I was not ready for). I bought several home pregnancy tests, and they were all negative. I talked to my Drs, and they checked for pregnancy, sent me for ultrasounds and checked my bloodwork. They ruled out gastroparesis, and pretty much everything else.

It's a year and a half later now, and I have no explanation for my nausea. I almost always get dizzy when standing up, and am always very fatigued. I am insulin sensitive, have frequent lows and drop into the 1 mmol/L levels about once every couple months. My synthroid dose has changed 3 times since I had my daughter, and I have good levels with this. I often feel like I'm in hypoglycemia, only to find that my number is normal. The nausea is still so bad (over the first year that the nausea developed I waisted 100s of dollars worth on pregnancy tests, terrified that I might become pregnant when I wasn't ready for number 2), and I feel so bad with it that I fear hyperglycemia when--again--it is normal.

My skin isn't super dark (I think it has gotten darker over the years, but I don't think it looks super tanned), and I did develop a browny patch of skin on my chest in my late teens. I haven't lost a lot of weight (although loss of apatite helped me loose the baby weight (and then some), but my weight has stopped dropping. My apatite has returned on occasion, but I'm in a lost apatite phase again (not something usual to me... I just figured it was me getting older). If I rest all day, I feel ok but still have nausea and feel a bit low. I throw up more easily now than before, but always with a reason (I go into DKA if I reach 16 mmol/L and throw up then which I never did until after I had my baby), and have had issues with diarrhea (sorry for too much info... I just figured this was my normal... it started along with the low blood pressure in my early 20s... I'm 26 now). I am also on 100mg Zoloft (started this May, trying to rule out anxiety and depression as causes, but it didn't help much... did help mellow out my moods, so I'm keeping with it). I drink a minimum of 5 caffeinated beverages a day (with lots of sleep, I can get through a day on this), but lately if I need to be up and active I need much more than that to counter the major fatigue (I started doing this for the last few months as fatigue began progressing).

Otherwise, I work from home (I was a Research Assistant before having my daughter, but the study I had worked for didn't receive funding and so I didn't have a job to come back to after mat leave... I'm doing home childcare for income now, and that gives me some flexibility). I can't think of any other symptoms except increased pulse with blood pressure, but all my Drs think it looks normal, and carpel tunnel as of this last November (although the other night I woke with my whole hand numb, but the feeling did come back). I have been having horrible nightmares, with my first night fright about a month ago (what a horrible feeling), and not sure if that should be mentioned or not. I have a good A1c (exactly where my specialists want it).

In the end, just looking to see if I should ask my endo about this at my next apt? It isn't until end of August, and I've gone 18 months feeling this way and don't think I'm at risk of anything crazy happening, and am afraid to make a big deal over nothing... I feel ridiculous having had all the tests so far, and with no answers. On the aside, my mom's side of the family does have MS and one other person with Type 1 Diabetes, I have 2 younger sisters with Type 1 Diabetes, and I have family on my dad's side with Hashimotos.

Any advice? Should I bring up Addison's with my endo? I had honestly never heard of it until she tested me for it the first time. I have some days where I think I'm going to die and days like today where I think "eh, just a bit of nausea, no big deal."

Sorry for the long ramble... I am a bit scared to be honest, and have a beautiful daughter worth living for :)

Hoping for a little help,

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