Should I push for help?

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Should I push for help?

Postby FinnMom » Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:33 pm

I am new here, and just tried to post a different thread but my 18 month old pushed a button and deleted it :p

I need some advice regarding some problems I have been having, and will give a run-down of history as well.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in Oct 1989 at the age of 21 months (I went into a diabetic coma). Shortly after this I was diagnosed with Hashimotos (I had stopped growing... with medication I began growing normally again). My family life was very stressful, and we moved a lot.

In 2006 I left home for post-secondary studies, and found my health declining. My usually good A1c went off, and my Hashimotos went out of control. I lost a bunch of weight, but was eating healthier being on my own, and started running after this. I began marathon training (just for kicks) in 2009, and my TSH went even more off (I had a synthroid dose increase of 50%). I developed chronic diarrhea, but didn't think much of it (celiac was ruled out, and it didn't seem to be caused by food).

In April 2012 I became pregnant. I had nausea right away and was put on Diclectin. I didn't throw up too much, and was gaining weight. I continued to have nausea for the rest of my pregnancy, and my already low blood pressure began troubling me even more. I had salt cravings, and kept trying to bring it up with my Drs, but they ignored me... up until I collapsed on my end (BP 80/40), and was wheeled up to labour and delivery on Oct 31 (I was due Jan 12). They ran some tests, checked my baby... they checked my heart, and did an AM Cortisol check which apparently ruled out Addison's. They put me on sick leave, and I left my job as a research assistant early, without any known cause for my low blood pressure.

On Boxing Day, I had my baby, 7 lbs 8 ozs. A month after having my daughter I developed nausea. It was so bad that every month I was checking with pregnancy tests and Drs to rule out pregnancy and anything else. I had ultrasounds and bloodwork done, with no result. Three months ago I started taking Zoloft to rule out depression/anxiety causing it. I am fatigued, and running on empty now. I work from home (the study I worked for didn't receive funding, and I started doing home childcare for an income), which gives me more flexibility at least. I do have frequent lows, and at least one bad one every couple months (going into 1 mmol/L levels).

I did loose all the baby weight (and then some), but have stopped loosing weight. My apatite comes and goes (it came back heavily the last month, after starting my antidepressant, but has gone again... I was actually thinking that I needed to clean up my diet, but now am not too concerned with my apatite down again). I don't have a super heavy tan, but I did develop a browny blotchy area on my chest in my late teens (just between the breasts). I do have dizzy spells if I stand up too fast, but they improve if I sleep all day and eat a whole jar of pickles (with salt on everything else haha).

That said, should I bring this up with my endo again? How do I word it? Some days I feel ok, with just a little nausea (like today), and others I feel like I'm going to die. I developed carpel tunnel this last November... yesterday I woke up with my whole hand numb, although the feeling came back pretty fast after that. I have a good A1c, my TSH and Free T4 is good (my synthroid is at 200 mcg, and I use Humalog in a minimed pump).

On the aside, there is MS on my mom's side as well as another person with Type 1 Diabates, my 2 younger sisters have Type 1 Diabetes, and my family on my dad's side has some Hashimotos (crummy genetics lol).

Any help would be great! My daughter gives me something to try for :)


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