Gastroparesis. Who's had it?

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Gastroparesis. Who's had it?

Postby manda » Tue Jan 23, 2007 3:31 pm


AFter over a year of finally being consistently well, guess what happened?

I started puking and couldn't stop. Not for a moment.

I was diagnosed with a viral infection and with temporary gastroparesis as a result of the infection. caused a minor crisis.

who else has dealth with this? Anyone? I'm looking for info about reoccurrence, mainly.

Also, I found out I'm anemic (iron deficiency). I'm home now, though, after five days, and feeling a bit better. Still very full from little food, though.

How are we all, otherwise?
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Postby Karen » Tue Jan 23, 2007 6:49 pm

Hi Manda
Well, I did all my puking before I was diagnosed, and my stomach always felt full even though I was eating next to nothing, throwing up all the time and losing weight like crazy. They did a test for gastroparesis and said I showed some signs of it. However, once they came up with the diagnosis of secondary Addison's (dead pituitary gland), I had no further problem. I still do take Reglan and Prevacid, but I haven't had any recurrence of the problem since my pre-diagnosis days, so I don't know if it was gastroparesis or the Addison's making me sick. I had my first crisis in September after a kidney stone ruptured my right kidney, and I was in the hospital for five days also. It was the pits. Glad you are home and feeling better.
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