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Prednisone from West-ward Pharmaceutical Corp

Postby gkardel » Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:24 am

Got an email from a fellow Addisonian who had a bad experience taking Prednisone from West-ward Pharmaceutical Corp.

His email follows:

Recently my pharmacist changed the manufacturer of my prednisone tablets (5 mg) from Watson to West-ward Pharmaceutical Corp. in Eatontown, NJ.

About two weeks ago I started experiencing serious symptons of Addison's disease, the condition for which I take prednisone, including: weakness, loss of energy, exhaustion, and nausea. I finally realized that the onset of symptons coincided with my switching from the Watson to West-ward prednisone tablets. I therefore obtained a new prescription filled with the Watson tablets--within 12 hours all symptoms vanished and I returned to feeling normal.

I therefore strongly suspect that the West-ward tablets contain significantly less than the 5 mg prednisone they are labeled as.

According to a U.S. News article I read, within the last two years U.S. pharmaceutical companies are increasingly outsourcing the manufacture of active ingredients to China and India (as much as 20% of all medications), and significant quality control problems have resulted.

So you might want to alert the visitors to your website that if they experience unaccounted symptoms of Addisons, they should make sure their pharmacist hasn't switched to a new drug company.

I hope this info is helpful, and appreciate all the very helpful info you have on your website.

Thank you.


Bill has brought to light that we all need to be aware that manufacturers of meds we take can make mistakes and have to consider this if we experience sudden unaccounted symptoms.

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