DuoCort--New once a day cortisol med in the works

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DuoCort--New once a day cortisol med in the works

Postby sadie » Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:31 pm

I am sure this has been posted somewhere on these boards but just in case...there is a new form of cortisol, currently in Phase III testing out of Sweden. Under the Orphan drug designation (yay!) it is still in trials (currently Phase III) but I thought you should be aware of the possibility of new options.

From their website: http://www.duocort.com

With its new and optimized drug delivery format, the DuoCort hydrocortisone dual-release tablet will address several problems. By achieving onset of an initial burst in less than half the time of current therapy followed by an extended release over the day, the new therapy will quickly after waking give the patient the high morning levels that naturally occur, the declining levels needed over the rest of the day, and a cortisol-free interval at night – thus closely mimicking the natural biological rhythm of cortisol. The DuoCort tablet will give physicians more flexibility in dosing and enable them to reduce doses in some cases, thereby reducing the risk of serious, long-term side-effects from chronic over-dosing. In addition, in cases of illness and other stress events in which extra doses of conventional tablets are now used, the DuoCort tablet will give the patient a faster releasing dose of the hydrocortisone that their illness or other event demands and an extended release over the subsequent hours that they would not get with an ordinary tablet.

I really hope this drug works and works well...soon!

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Re: DuoCort--New once a day cortisol med in the works

Postby gkardel » Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:10 am

Hi Sadie,

This is great news! The current meds we take to replace cortisol were developed over 50 years ago with the purpose of controlling inflammation and as a immunosuppressant. These current meds definitely aren't a physiological replacement of cortisol.

Seems like we would need to wake up a few hours early and take Duocort and then go back to sleep to match the early morning onset of cortisol production. I'm not complaining though as the Duocort concept is definitely a big improvement. Would be cool if it was taken at bedtime and release starting 5 hours later - maybe in a future version??

Thanks for sharing this info.

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DuoCort SURVEY to take

Postby sadie » Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:13 pm

This is a quick survey put out by the manufacturers of Duocort...a new once-daily cortisol medication in the works. They are asking for our experiences and thoughts about our current Cortisol dosing regimen.

It is for all types of Addisonians to fill out:
http://www.easyresearch.se/s.asp?WID=69 ... y=29335,72

Hopefully one of these new medications will be out on the market for us to enjoy soon.

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