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Re: Depression

Postby Wanda » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:42 pm


From your symptoms, my guess is you are not taking enough Cortef. You probably need 20 to 25mg daily, split 10mg (6am), 10mg (11am) and 5mg (3pm).
What is a tiny bit of prednisone? Have you ever tried Hydrocortisone (the generic for Cortef)? I don't do well on Cortef, but many do.

Taking prednisone at bedtime will stop natural growth hormone that occurs while you sleep.

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Re: Depression

Postby NJ » Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:47 am

You also mentioned 25 mcg. of you not take any T4 medication? Too much thyroid hormone as well as too little can affect you. Also, too much thyroid hormone can cause you to burn through your steroid. It does sound like you are on too little steroid. How do you take your Cytomel? In divided doses? 25 mcg. is a pretty substantial dose of Cytomel for most. I take 12.5 mcg. and 88 mcg. Levoxyl. Now I have never taken only Cytomel, so, I don't know how that would feel...but the thyroid being off can certainly cause depression/anxiety as can being low on your HC. I would look at a change in medication before taking antidepressants.

How much prednisone are you putting into the mix? 1 mg. prednisone equals 4 mg. HC. And as Wanda pointed out we need to go low on cortisol during the night time hours.

I have suffered from depression/anxiety due to being hypothyroid and with too much hormone I felt angry and very emotional and just plan crazy! Also as I said the thyroid hormones affect your HC metabolism.

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