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Shoulder Pain

Postby Pattycakes003 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:55 pm

Hi, I have Hashimotos, Addisons, Type 1 Diabetes. Lately (for at least a month). I have been having pain in my shoulders. Sometimes a sharp pain and sometimes they just ache. I wake up in the night with pain in my shoulders. My question is have any of you experienced this?
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Re: Shoulder Pain

Postby 34south » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:27 am

I have had Type 1 DM for the last 31 years. About 6 years ago, I started experiencing bilateral shoulder pain and saw an orthopaedic surgeon who labelled the condition as "frozen shoulder", although my range of motion was quite good. No treatment was given. The pain was as you describe. Two years later, I visited him again, since the condition had not improved. Same answer and, again, no treatment. Shortly after that, I started seeing an osteopath for manipulation and this improved my range of motion which had deteriorated but still not what would be expected of someone with de facto capsulitis. Recently though, although my range of motion is at about 95%, I still experience constant muscle pain/stiffness on both sides and which extends to my neck. I am completely drained of energy (pathologically tired) by the early afternoon and frequently crash in the early evening which is very atypical of myself. Recently, I saw a second orthopaedic surgeon who at last proclaimed my condition not to be "frozen shoulder" but for diagnostic purposes gave me a quarter dose hydrocortisone shot in the right shoulder. By the next morning, pain in both shoulders was completely absent and other more minor areas of muscle stiffness (knees, legs, lower back) were also asymptomatic. I read up on this and the muscle stiffness and fatigue plus a few other symptoms together with the beneficial systemic effects of the cortisone shot matched hypocortisolism. I saw an endocrinologist specializing in adrenal diseases who had my cortisol levels checked (they were at the lower end of the normal range) and I have subsequently (today in fact) gone for an ACTH stimulation test to confirm whether I have Addison's (or at least a precursor to it). A few other symptoms also match: I have mild numbness in my feet which I always assumed was the early stages of nephropathy but which I believe can also be caused by hyperkalaemia (high potassium) levels experienced by Addisonians; I had a sudden and stabbing but transient pain in my lower back on one occasion when I was enraged due to shabby work by a vehicle mechanic firm. So, finally I may be able to get an answer to six years of shoulder pain, although I am not sure I will like the answer. I am guessing you are on steroid treatment for your Addison's. I can only suggest that, perhaps your cortisol levels are involved.
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